Vermont Rail System Mostly Restored After Round The Clock Work

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Vermont Rail System successfully operated trains over the Green Mountain Railroad Division and the Bennington & Rutland Division during this past weekend. This nearly completes the rebuilding and recovery of major segments of our rail system devastated by Hurricane Irene. It has been a remarkable achievement given the extensive damage that occurred to our lines. Their were over 60 large washouts and, moreover, many bridges had significant structural failures.  This exceptional recovery could not have been accomplished without the notable contributions and cooperation by the Vermont Agency of Transportation.  Specifically, we want to thank Trini Brassard, Assistant Director, and Mladen Gagulic, Civil engineer, and all the resident engineers and employees of the Vermont AOT who played a role in helping VRS restore service on our lines.

Likewise, there were a number of construction contractors,  engineers and suppliers who helped rebuild the railroad and we want to thank them also. RJ Corman and its employees provided expertise and outstanding effort helping to reconstruct miles of railroad. In addition to Corman, other contractors and engineers who contributed heavily to the recovery effort were: Engineers Construction Inc., Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., Barrett Trucking Co., Lane Construction, Jacobs Engineering Group, Kubricky Construction Corp., Renold Construction, Shelburne Limestone, Luzenac and others. Our sincere thanks to all of them.

As David Wulfson, President of Vermont Rail System, noted, “Without the help of the Vermont Agency of Transportation, R J Corman, our employees and the other contractors on the Vermont Rail System Recovery Team we would not have been able to restore service as quickly as we have. It was their “can do” spirit of cooperation and 24/7 effort that got us up and running again.”

In light of the above we are happy to report the following updates to our recovery plan:

Rutland, VT to Bellows Falls (NECR interchange) – This line, The Green Mountain Gateway, has been restored to service.  Backlog is being cleared and trains are returning to normal schedule.  Speed restrictions are being lifted as conditions permit.

Rutland, VT to North Bennington, VT and Hoosick Junction, NY (PAS interchange) – This line is now open. Speed restrictions are being lifted as conditions permit.

Montpelier, VT to Barre, VT – Line is in service and can now be accessed via NECR from both the north and the south. NECR has lifted embargos on their line and traffic can route via NECR to the interchange at Montpelier Junction from the south at Bellows Falls  (CPRS) and Palmer, MA (CSXT)  and from the north via East Alburgh (CN) or Burlington (VTR and CPRS).

No other new developments to report at this time. To summarize our current status as previously reported:

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First Train Across Bridge 114 in Chester since Irene

We are happy to report the following updates to our recovery plan:
Rutland, VT to Bellows Falls (NECR interchange) – This line was re-opened today, Friday, September 16. An eastbound train departed Rutland at 0900 this morning and arrived at Bellows Falls this afternoon.
A westbound train is operating this evening. Service has been restored on The Green Mountain Gateway between Whitehall, NY (CPR) and Bellows Falls, VT. We have resumed interchanging traffic with NECR at Bellows Falls. There is a backlog of traffic and we will be working to eliminate delays as quickly as possible.Reporting by Ed Fitzgerald